PocketLab and Google are working together to inspire the next generation of scientists and makers by bringing PocketLab sensors to Google Science Journal.

The PocketLab Maker Kit


Design and build more than a dozen hands-on experiments to explore motion, speed, magnetism, temperature, altitude, and more. Make a car that runs on air pressure and measures velocity and acceleration. Recreate Galileo’s classic pendulum experiments. Detect Earthquakes by making your own seismometer. Design a magnetic field minesweeper game. With the PocketLab Maker Kit and your creativity, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and you’ll learn a few things along the way.


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Google’s Making & Science Initiative


PocketLab shares Google’s belief that anyone can be a scientist. PocketLab and Google are working together to inspire future scientists and makers by building tools that allow users to explore the world around them. The Google Science Journal app uses the built-in sensors from an Android phone (and coming this fall, from PocketLab sensors) to record data, take notes, and learn the scientific method.